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North American Football League

Injury Report

Arizona CardinalsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Eric WarfieldStrained HamstringProbableUnknown
Cameron SpikesTorn Patellar TendonOut15 Weeks
Leonard DavisNone100%
Atlanta FalconsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Roderick ColemanElbow Ligament SurgeryOut18 Weeks
Dez WhitePlantar FasciitisQuestionable4 Weeks
Jason WebsterSprained ThumbProbable1 Week
Derrick FletcherNone100%
Baltimore RavensInjuryStatusExpected Return
Peter BoulwareStrained HamstringProbableUnknown
Todd HeapBroken ArmOut3 Weeks
Laveranues ColesSeparated ShoulderOut2 Weeks
Terry JonesStrained Foot LigamentProbable1 Week
Drew BreesNone100%
Buffalo BillsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Eric MouldsACL Knee SurgeryOut30 Weeks
Lawyer MilloyRuptured Achilles TendonOut12 Weeks
Fernando PlankDislocated ElbowProbable1 Week
Roger WeaverNone100%
Carolina PanthersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Chris DavisReconstructive Knee SurgeryOut14 Weeks
Bryan JohnsonSeparated ShoulderProbable2 Weeks
Chicago BearsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Henry PerryNone100%
Cincinnati BengalsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Willie GardnerNone100%
Cleveland BrownsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Kenard LangACL Knee SurgeryOut19 Weeks
Ryan TuckerNone100%
Michael LehanNone100%
Dallas CowboysInjuryStatusExpected Return
Drew HensonTorn Quadriceps MuscleOut16 Weeks
Roy WilliamsTorn Lateral Knee LigamentOut9 Weeks
Keyshawn JohnsonTorn Triceps MuscleQuestionable7 Weeks
Willis McGaheeSprained Lateral Knee LigamentProbable2 Weeks
Tyrus PriesterHigh Ankle SprainProbable1 Week
Billy Joe StineElbow Ligament SurgeryProbable1 Week
Al JohnsonNone100%
Lynn ScottNone100%
Denver BroncosInjuryStatusExpected Return
Jed WeaverSevere Hamstring PullOut6 Weeks
Darius WattsHigh Ankle SprainProbable2 Weeks
Dan NeilBroken JawProbable1 Week
Detroit LionsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Dan WilkinsonTurf ToeProbableUnknown
Joey HarringtonACL Damage to the KneeOut12 Weeks
Green Bay PackersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Tyrone RogersSevere DepressionProbableUnknown
William PetersonTorn Rotator CuffOut14 Weeks
Kabeer Gbaja-BiamilaTorn Rotator CuffOut10 Weeks
Carlos EmmonsACL Damage to the KneeQuestionable5 Weeks
Grady JacksonStrained Foot LigamentProbable1 Week
Darren SharperSeparated ShoulderProbable1 Week
Houston TexansInjuryStatusExpected Return
Moran NorrisStrained HamstringProbableUnknown
Gary WalkerTorn Rotator CuffOut14 Weeks
Chester PittsBroken AnkleProbable1 Week
Indianapolis ColtsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Marvin HarrisonRuptured Elbow TendonOut44 Weeks
Jacksonville JaguarsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Kyle BradyNone100%
Kansas City ChiefsInjuryStatusExpected Return
William GreenRuptured Elbow TendonOut21 Weeks
Jerome WoodsTorn Rotator CuffOut14 Weeks
Miami DolphinsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Nicholas HarperDislocated ElbowQuestionable2 Weeks
A.J. FeeleyHigh Ankle SprainProbable2 Weeks
Derrick PopeNone100%
Minnesota VikingsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Anthony BarnettImpaired VisionOutUnknown
Reggie BarlowRepetitive Concussion SyndromeOut58 Weeks
Chris ClaiborneRuptured Elbow TendonOut8 Weeks
New England PatriotsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Troy BrownTorn Rotator CuffQuestionable7 Weeks
Corey DillonTorn Rotator CuffQuestionable3 Weeks
Blaine GibbSeparated ShoulderProbable2 Weeks
Ty WarrenNone100%
New Orleans SaintsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Ed EllisAnkle SurgeryOut13 Weeks
Ifeanyi OhaleteStrained Achilles TendonProbable2 Weeks
New York (A) JetsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Chris BakerStrained HamstringProbableUnknown
John AbrahamSevere DepressionProbableUnknown
Idrees BashirSprained ThumbProbable1 Week
Pete KendallSprained AnkleProbable1 Week
Jonathan VilmaStrained Adductor MuscleProbable1 Week
DeMingo GrahamNone100%
Chad PenningtonNone100%
New York (N) GiantsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Andre OsborneTorn Lateral Knee LigamentOut9 Weeks
Keith WashingtonSprained Lateral Knee LigamentProbable1 Week
Oakland RaidersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Barry SimsStrained HamstringProbableUnknown
Phillip BuchanonBad ColdProbable1 Week
Philadelphia EaglesInjuryStatusExpected Return
Corey HarrisTurf ToeProbableUnknown
Lito SheppardACL Damage to the KneeOut20 Weeks
Shawn AndrewsHigh Ankle SprainProbable3 Weeks
Jermane MayberryBroken ThumbProbable3 Weeks
J.R. ReedShoulder TendinitisProbable3 Weeks
Marc ChamberlainNone100%
Pittsburgh SteelersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Russell StuvaintsTorn Rotator CuffProbable1 Week
Brian St. PierreNone100%
San Diego ChargersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Tra ThomasRuptured Elbow TendonOut25 Weeks
Antowain SmithPlantar FasciitisOut17 Weeks
LaDainian TomlinsonDislocated KneeDoubtful2 Weeks
San Francisco 49ersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Kevin KaesviharnTurf ToeProbableUnknown
Jamie WinbornSevere DepressionProbableUnknown
Eric JohnsonTorn Lateral Knee LigamentOut8 Weeks
Jeremy NewberryBroken TibiaProbable1 Week
Seattle SeahawksInjuryStatusExpected Return
Matt HasselbeckDegenerative Hip ConditionOut26 Weeks
St. Louis RamsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Bruce HumphreyTorn Lateral Knee LigamentOut6 Weeks
Damione LewisStrained Rotator CuffProbable4 Weeks
Erik JensenSevere Hamstring PullDoubtful3 Weeks
Pisa TinoisamoaHyperextended ElbowOut3 Weeks
Tommy PolleyKnee TendinitisProbable3 Weeks
Shantee OrrStrained Calf MuscleOut3 Weeks
Jimmy SpencerBroken ToeProbable2 Weeks
Ike ReeseAbdominal StrainDoubtful2 Weeks
Steven JacksonNone100%
Tampa Bay BuccaneersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Rickey DudleyTorn Rotator CuffOut25 Weeks
Jermaine PhillipsRuptured Elbow TendonOut17 Weeks
Anthony McFarlandStrained BackProbable1 Week
Tennessee TitansInjuryStatusExpected Return
Justin HartwigTorn Quadriceps MuscleOut35 Weeks
Benji OlsonTorn Quadriceps MuscleOut34 Weeks
Jason MathewsNone100%
Washington RedskinsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Pita ElisaraTorn Patellar TendonOut26 Weeks

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