FOF_Stats NAFL All-Decade Team 2004-2013

FOF_Stats NAFL All-Decade Team

Defensive End

Defensive End

Bernard Hayes

Bernard Banks

Cleveland (2008-

Denver (2008-

All-League 1st team Defensive End 2011, 2012, 2013
All-League 2nd team Defensive End 2010
Defensive player of the Year 2012

All-League 1st team Defensive End 2010, 2013
All-League 2nd team Defensive End 2011
Defensive player of the Year 2013

94 GS, 249 Tckl, 64.5 Sack, 140 Hurr, 7.9 TkPct

92 GS, 293 Tckl, 57.5 Sack, 177 Hurr, 8.5 TkPct

Bernard Hayes is another of player from the young guard. He was draft in the same year as Banks and just seven picks later and his numbers might be looking even scarier. His scouting report might not look as impressive as Banks but don’t be fooled. He is already up to 7th (tie) on the All-Time league sacks list and have had four straight seasons with 12+ sacks. The number of awards he have already collected is astonishing. He not just have four All-League awards but was also selected the “Defensive player of the Year” in 2012. You can very easy make the augment that Bernard Hayes have been just as big a part of the Browns dominance the last few seasons as Cobbs and Leftwich.

This weeks nominated have been dominated by players joining the league when the NAFL opened its doors. Bernard Banks is the first from the new bunch of DEs that will dominate the league in the near future. Bernard Banks entrance to the league was full of controversy. Everybody had him going #1 to Denver but some heavy draft-day trading had the Broncos trading out of #1 and still getting the player they wanted at #3. When the dust had settled Banks was still the stud everybody expected him to be. Bernard Banks have only played six full season in the league be have still put up some monster numbers. 41 hurries in 2012, 19.5 sacks in 2013 and over 40 quarterback hurries in both 2012 and 2013. Beside his three All-League awards he also got the 2013 “Defensive player of the Year” award standing in his trophy case. He is today one of the leagues highest paid players.

1) Bernard Hayes 43 of 87 posible (49%)
2) Bernard Banks 32 of 87 posible (37%)
3) Adewale Ogunleye 26 of 87 posible (30%)
4) Malcolm Kelley 25 of 87 posible (29%)
5) Dwight Freeney 17 of 87 posible (20%)
6) Richard Seymour 14 of 87 posible (16%)
7) Kevin Williams 8 of 87 posible (9%)
8) Trevor Pryce 3 of 87 posible (3%)
9) Bert Berry 3 of 87 posible (3%)
10) Julius Peppers 3 of 87 posible (3%)