In his short 4 years in the NAFL, San Francisco 49ers QB Juan Getson has run the gamut of emotions.


Juan blazed out of Indiana University as the 10th pick in the second round of the 2005 draft.  Widely criticized, the San Francisco scouts swore to the non-believers that Getson had the “stuff” to be star in the league.  Getson, knowing the critics were salivating at watching him fail, stormed to the 2005 offensive rookie of the year.  Juan completed 57% of his passes for 3500+ yards, and 26 TD passes (all rookie records at that time for a QB).  The future looked bright and the beleaguered 49ers franchise seemed poised for success led by their young gun.


Then the bottom fell out.











Juan Getson seemed to be a fluke in his rookie season and fell apart over the next two seasons.  Though in 2006 he threw for 4,122 yards, Getson caught the interception bug throwing 27 INT’s in 2006 (vs. only 17 TD passes) and 20 in 2007 (vs. a meager 11 TD passes).  Cries from fans and experts rang out with “I told you so.”  San Francisco remained in their losing ways and Getson looked to possibly be on his way out in the City by the Bay.


Fast forward to the 2008 season and what many have called “the Great Redemption.”  Getson’s turnaround has been nothing short of phenomenal.  This season, the man many fans tabbed as “Juan Gone” has led the 49ers to the promised land of the NAFL Playoffs.  An 11-5 record, the NFC West Championship, S.F.’s first playoff win, and a SERIOUS contender for “Comeback Player of the Year”, Getson has been nothing short of stellar.  His numbers this season speak for themselves: 337 completions, a 60.6% completion percentage, a STAGGERING 4,679 yards passing, 29 passing TD’s, and perhaps most importantly, only 18 INT’s thrown.


All of this with a sub par rushing attack.  In short, this season was all about Getson.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Juan on the evening after his Wildcard loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Skip Dekeman (SD): Thank you for taking the time to do this Juan, I know you’re saddened about the game…perhaps the biggest loss of your young career.  I appreciate your willingness to talk to us.















10 1/2 Minutes
They can call me a waste. But as
 long as I do right by my team, that
 is what matters.