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In Memory of Les Dagen (1958 - 2012)

In tribute to the dedicated service of our longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager, the North American Football League hereby officially designates its Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award as the "Les Dagen MVP Trophy."

Known in the NAFL as "Prober," Les took over the Tampa Bay franchise in July of 2007. Upon his introduction, Les said he was "looking forward to the conversations and the competitions," and the self-professed "sports sim junkie" gave the NAFL an abundance of both. During his 16 game seasons, his team won 3 NFC South Championships; in addition, he was always one of the more engaged members of the NAFL community, with nearly 1000 posts discussing the game, creating interesting league activities and forging personal connections with each of us.

Les Dagen tragically passed away on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, nearly five years to the day after joining. We are infinitely grateful for all he brought to the league those five short years, but we are even more thankful simply for having known him. Subtle in his wit, fiercely determined, consistent and loyal, he will never be forgotten by the members of the North American Football League.

Rest in peace, Prober.