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League Overview

The North American Football League (NAFL) is a modern and realistic Front Office Football multiplayer league that began late October 2004 using a roster file up-to-date as of the beginning of the 2004 regular NFL season. One of the primary goals of the league is to resemble the structure of the actual NFL, and many of the rules and procedures are aimed toward that goal. That said, it is still a fictional universe, not a replication, and the league will undoubtedly take on a face of its own. Some rules are not representative of the NFL, either because of the constraints of the game engine itself or because of the ultimate goal of an entertaining and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Our cap settings are 28-80, and team chemistry ratings are used. Our injury setting is at the default of 100, and we use the default, fictional draft classes created by the game engine.

The league sims two days per week, on Monday and Friday afternoons with results posted around 5:00 EST.

A new file is released with all transactions on Sundays and Thursdays so that GMs may make any necessary changes before the sim.

All stage file exports should be uploaded to the server no later than 4:00pm EST on the day of a sim or interim file release. Otherwise, they will not be included.

Although this may be self-explanatory, every GM needs to have the game, licensed and installed.