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North American Football League

Injury Report

Arizona CardinalsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Greg ZinnRuptured Elbow TendonQuestionable6 Weeks
Colton TorrettaShoulder TendinitisProbable3 Weeks
Jose McIntireSeparated ShoulderQuestionable3 Weeks
Chase McDuffieBroken FingerProbable2 Weeks
Shawn PenceNone100%
Luke GriffithNone100%
Atlanta FalconsInjuryStatusExpected Return
O.J. StiltnerACL Knee SurgeryOut5 Weeks
Harold GroomsPulled GroinDoubtful3 Weeks
Nicholas SheltonStrained BackQuestionable2 Weeks
Elias NewhartSprained AnkleProbable1 Week
Dixon HamnerDeep Thigh BruiseProbable1 Week
Steven ColesBruised RibcageProbable1 Week
Baltimore RavensInjuryStatusExpected Return
Jon WillsonConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)10 Weeks
J.J. HoffmanSprained Lateral Knee LigamentQuestionable9 Weeks
Tanner PearsonKnee TendinitisProbable5 Weeks
Ethan CampbellPulled GroinDoubtful4 Weeks
Marc HarmonBroken FibulaOut2 Weeks
Lorenzo StamerSprained KneeQuestionable2 Weeks
Silas FitzgeraldPulled GroinProbable1 Week
Jace FarrellBroken ThumbProbable1 Week
Buffalo BillsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Geoff ClausenSeparated ShoulderOut4 Weeks
Nicholas McIntyreKnee TendinitisProbable2 Weeks
Scottie CassidyConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)1 Week
Kai HitchcockShoulder TendinitisProbable1 Week
Carolina PanthersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Howie KayerStrained HamstringQuestionableUnknown
Jay WhortonTurf ToeDoubtfulUnknown
Warren ZardiackasStrained HamstringQuestionableUnknown
Erick HicksBroken AnkleOut3 Weeks
Tristan DawkinsBroken FingerProbable2 Weeks
Irv McDonaldSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Donnie RichmondNone100%
Chicago BearsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Anthony AndrewsTorn Ankle LigamentOut27 Weeks
Troy AlcottRuptured Elbow TendonOut23 Weeks
Johnathan HabichBroken AnkleOut7 Weeks
Lamont HemphillPulled Quadriceps MuscleOut4 Weeks
Cedric RobbinsSprained KneeQuestionable2 Weeks
Omar ReynoldsSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Ezra McGeheeNone100%
Cincinnati BengalsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Omar AustinAbdominal StrainDoubtful3 Weeks
Clyde SantosSeparated ShoulderProbable1 Week
Ross Von HagelBruised HeelProbable1 Week
Daniel TonkinSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Kent BullockNone100%
Cleveland BrownsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Trevor ThomsenStrained HamstringQuestionableUnknown
Kendrick TubbsBruised SternumProbable6 Weeks
Harris DruryStrained Deltoid MuscleOut3 Weeks
Liam LuraasHyperextended KneeDoubtful3 Weeks
Claude WhaleyKnee TendinitisProbable3 Weeks
Ross HinesStrained Rotator CuffProbable2 Weeks
Dallas CowboysInjuryStatusExpected Return
Jaylen MillerHip PointerQuestionable5 Weeks
Eduardo ManuwaiSprained ThumbProbable3 Weeks
Jimmy AlexanderElbow BursitisProbable1 Week
Emmitt WilsonBroken FingerProbable1 Week
Clifton SimmonsSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Elliot BeckerViral InfectionQuestionable1 Week
Denver BroncosInjuryStatusExpected Return
Gavin MarianoSevere Hamstring PullOut7 Weeks
Francisco KinzieAppendectomyOut4 Weeks
Gino BucknerSprained NeckProbable3 Weeks
Victor HazeltonSprained AnkleQuestionable3 Weeks
Griffin BuysseStrained Foot LigamentOut3 Weeks
Bryce FarrPulled GroinQuestionable2 Weeks
Jorge DoleBruised SternumProbable1 Week
Eli CoffeySevere HeadachesDoubtful1 Week
Shaun EmersonNone100%
Caiden MartinezNone100%
Detroit LionsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Marvin NegronSevere Hamstring PullOut7 Weeks
Victor ClaytonConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)3 Weeks
Wesley KeasterPulled Calf MuscleQuestionable2 Weeks
Broderick AcevesNone100%
Green Bay PackersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Leonardo GordonTurf ToeDoubtfulUnknown
Kirk EricksonBruised HeelProbable2 Weeks
Zack HoweSprained Lateral Knee LigamentProbable2 Weeks
Norman HornSprained ThumbProbable1 Week
Geoff BuchananSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Francisco KleineckeNone100%
Houston TexansInjuryStatusExpected Return
Mickey EmmonsTurf ToeDoubtfulUnknown
James AdlerStrained HamstringQuestionableUnknown
Skip HazugaConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)5 Weeks
Elliot AdderleyBroken FibulaOut5 Weeks
Rod BennettPulled Calf MuscleOut4 Weeks
Eduardo BeckwithStrained Patellar TendonQuestionable3 Weeks
Warren BarberBad ColdProbable1 Week
Grady CopelandNone100%
Leland MerrickNone100%
Avery HarmonNone100%
Indianapolis ColtsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Erik PaulsenTorn Patellar TendonOut26 Weeks
Levon YoungBroken ArmOut4 Weeks
Dale WinslettKnee TendinitisProbable1 Week
Jacksonville JaguarsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Gary DoleStrained Quadriceps MuscleProbable2 Weeks
Ernie McConnellHyperextended ElbowQuestionable2 Weeks
Rob AlloteyBroken NoseProbable1 Week
Taylor SaucedaNone100%
Warren BakerNone100%
Quentin KeanNone100%
Kansas City ChiefsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Francisco AlvaradoSprained KneeQuestionable4 Weeks
Nicky GrierHyperextended KneeQuestionable2 Weeks
Otis BarnesHyperextended ElbowProbable1 Week
Geoff PageKnee BursitisProbable1 Week
Kent LandisShoulder TendinitisProbable1 Week
Roy GilmoreNone100%
Los Angeles RamsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Neal StelmackBroken HandQuestionable3 Weeks
Harris HarrisBroken ToeQuestionable3 Weeks
Eric LynchHyperextended KneeQuestionable2 Weeks
Kenny WeaverNone100%
Dan CernyNone100%
Miami DolphinsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Kennedy FlahertyBroken ToeQuestionable3 Weeks
Jake KirwanStrained Rotator CuffProbable2 Weeks
Jonathan MacMillanShoulder TendinitisProbable1 Week
Justin HuntleyStrained Quadriceps MuscleProbable1 Week
Stanley HerreraStrained Rotator CuffProbable1 Week
Carlos AyanbadejoNone100%
Minnesota VikingsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Alfred LeeShoulder TendinitisProbable4 Weeks
Vincent SwiftSeparated ShoulderOut4 Weeks
Carl GuthrieBroken WristDoubtful3 Weeks
Ray AndersenKnee TendinitisProbable3 Weeks
Freddie BergerBroken TibiaOut3 Weeks
Isaiah FarrellHyperextended KneeDoubtful2 Weeks
Donte ReinertAbdominal StrainQuestionable2 Weeks
New England PatriotsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Rob AlanizHerniated DiskOut5 Weeks
Alec McNeilStress Fracture in the LegOut5 Weeks
Tony LakePulled Quadriceps MuscleQuestionable3 Weeks
Josue JeffersonBruised SternumProbable3 Weeks
Vincent JacobsShoulder TendinitisProbable2 Weeks
Ed PosavecBroken NoseProbable2 Weeks
Claude ClancyPulled GroinDoubtful2 Weeks
Brent PennShin SplintsProbable1 Week
Aiden DouglasBroken FingerProbable1 Week
Diego SuttonNone100%
Renaldo McConnellNone100%
New Jersey JetsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Adrian WarrenStrained Adductor MuscleOut7 Weeks
Marcus CooleyKnee TendinitisProbable4 Weeks
Donnell SunderlandSprained KneeProbable1 Week
New Orleans SaintsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Roman SawyerDislocated ShoulderOut5 Weeks
Gerald TheophilakosConcussionOut (in concussion protocol)3 Weeks
Philip BerrySprained AnkleProbable2 Weeks
Cory EthridgeStrained Foot LigamentProbable1 Week
Nate LinkerAbdominal StrainProbable1 Week
New York GiantsInjuryStatusExpected Return
Myron SnyderKnee TendinitisProbable3 Weeks
Fred SmithPulled GroinProbable1 Week
Dominique GoikePulled Calf MuscleProbable1 Week
Justin BarlowNone100%
Oakland RaidersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Jamal CiccantHyperextended KneeDoubtful3 Weeks
Miguel AnthonySprained AnkleProbable2 Weeks
Silas JohnsStrained Foot LigamentOut2 Weeks
Donnie SweeneyNone100%
Alex O'NeillNone100%
Bill CastilloNone100%
Philadelphia EaglesInjuryStatusExpected Return
Bryant HornerBroken FibulaOut4 Weeks
Devante SchwakeBruised SternumProbable2 Weeks
Ray GarnerHyperextended ElbowProbable1 Week
Darnell ButcherBruised RibcageProbable1 Week
Michael YoungSprained KneeProbable1 Week
Tevin PetersonNone100%
Pittsburgh SteelersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Sebastian CookSeparated ShoulderOut4 Weeks
Teddy CurtisDislocated ShoulderOut3 Weeks
Ross BilodeauSprained AnkleProbable2 Weeks
Leslie BoothDeep Thigh BruiseProbable1 Week
Everett LindsayBruised RibcageProbable1 Week
Elijah YoungNone100%
Sergio RiceNone100%
San Diego ChargersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Nolan GionfriddoPlantar FasciitisOut17 Weeks
Broderick HortonBruised SternumProbable7 Weeks
Leonard LyonsHyperextended ElbowOut3 Weeks
Darnell CornellPulled Calf MuscleQuestionable2 Weeks
Avery LucasBruised RibcageProbable1 Week
San Francisco 49ersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Wendell YazziePulled Calf MuscleOut4 Weeks
Maurice RamirezKnee BursitisProbable1 Week
Herb OwensNone100%
Seattle SeahawksInjuryStatusExpected Return
Bryant CoppolaRuptured Elbow TendonOut32 Weeks
Lamont TerryHyperextended ElbowDoubtful2 Weeks
Victor LargeStrained Foot LigamentProbable1 Week
Amos WatersNone100%
Rex CarricoNone100%
Tampa Bay BuccaneersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Landon CarterStress Fracture in the FootProbable1 Week
Hunter O'ConnerNone100%
Tennessee TitansInjuryStatusExpected Return
Matt KingACL Damage to the KneeOut20 Weeks
Pete MonahanBruised SternumProbable4 Weeks
Cody BellisBruised SternumProbable3 Weeks
Deron ParrishHyperextended KneeDoubtful2 Weeks
Malachi JordanNone100%
Norm GilesNone100%
Washington CommandersInjuryStatusExpected Return
Ed PleasantTorn Calf MuscleOut9 Weeks
Roderick TerrellBroken ArmOut3 Weeks
Antoine McNallyStrained Achilles TendonProbable2 Weeks
Earl GordonKnee TendinitisProbable1 Week
Freddie FishkinNone100%
Danny PattersonNone100%

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