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The draft is held in the offseason, and it will be run simultaneously with the end of the first FA period using the "Conscriptor" created by J. David Baker and modified by WheelsVT.

The utility is located here.

**Important** - It is each GM's responsibility to understand how the utility works before the draft begins.

1.) First Round - For the first round, teams will have 3 hours on the clock. Draft Day 1 will be designated only for picks 1.1 through 1.16. The draft will stop following the selection of 1.16 and resume the next morning at 10 am EST. Draft Day 1 will not have an end time until we have completed these picks.

Draft Day 2 will begin at 10am EST with pick 1.17, and from there the draft will run unimpeded using the schedule below.

2.) Rounds 2-3 - Following Draft Day 2, the draft will run continuously from 9am EST to 11:55pm EST each day. Teams will have 3 hours on the clock during rounds 2 and 3, and time limits will carry over to the following draft day. For example, if your team becomes on the clock at 11 pm EST, your time will not expire until the next morning at 11 am EST. Teams may make picks during "off the clock" times but are not required to do so. GMs should be aware that the utility's autopick function will pick even during off hours if enabled.

3.) Rounds 4-7 - The final 4 rounds will also run continuously from 9am EST to 11:55pm. However, the draft clock will be reduced to 1 hour for these rounds.

4.) Draft Clock Expiration - If a GM misses a draft window, his time limit will be reduced by 65 percent. If a GM misses twice, he will receive the utility's scout "autopick" for the remainder of the draft. When a team's draft time expires, the utility will "autopick." If, for some reason, this function doesn't work correctly at any point, the Commissioner will make a selection based on in-game needs list. Picks will not be skipped.

5.) Draft Lists - If a GM is unable to be around frequently, it is requested that he utilize the draft list option and set it to "on" whenever possible in order to not inconvenience other GMs.

6.) Trades - Traded picks need to be placed in the trades forum. The Commissioner will keep picks updated until the moment the draft begins. After that, GMs will need to move any traded picks in the utility. In addition, GMs may trade drafted players up until the end of the draft, at the point picks are entered into the game.

7.) Registration - For utility registration instructions, see the Draft Rules thread on the forum.