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Rosters and Exports

For those unfamiliar with the game, during the season rosters must contain 53 or fewer players, with only 46 active. Players on injured reserve do not count in the 53. During the offseason, you may have as many as 70, but the limitation drops to 60 during preseason games. There are also specific position requirements listed in the game's help file, and the game will warn you when trying to set a depth chart when these are not met or when exporting an illegal roster.

GMs are expected to export only legal rosters (correct roster numbers as well as complete depth charts during the season), and all exports must be uploaded to the server by 4 pm Eastern on the day of a sim or interim file release unless otherwise noted in the Commissioner's Desk forum. Exports on the server at this time on Sundays and Thursdays will be imported into a new interim file that will be released shortley thereafter so that teams may move traded players or free agent signees into their depth charts.

*Note - If any GM fails to export a legal roster, their team may be subject to the scout/coaches recommendation on the roster and depth chart.