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Deadlines: The inseason trading deadline is week eight of the regular season. No trades may take place after this point. Trades are allowed during the first free agency period as well as during the draft.

Trading Procedure: All trades must be posted in the trade forum of the message board and be confirmed by both GMs before they will be processed.

Disclaimer: Commissioners reserve the right to overrule any trade if it is in the best interest of the league to do so. Trades involving draft picks will be particularly scrutinized so that GMs are not allowed to employ techniques that may damage the future of a team in the case that we may have to find a new GM for that team.

Additional Policies: Conditional Draft Pick Trades: GMs may make trades involving conditional draft picks under any reasonable terms agreed upon by both parties. However, draft picks eligible to be traded cannot exceed the following year's draft, and it is the GM who holds the conditional pick's responsibility to remember it is reserved and not trade it elsewhere until the conditions of the original trade are known without doubt. If a GM trades a pick he has conditionally set aside for a previous trade, that GM will be penalized with the loss of an additional draft pick at the Commissioner's discretion.

Conditional draft pick trade threads will be marked with an asterisk in the trade forum (and other recording mechanisms may be developed as well). Complete and detailed conditions as well as any potential issues that may arise must be posted and confirmed by both GMs. If there is a dispute over the conditions of such a trade, a ruling as to whether the conditions as posted were met will be made by the Commissioners.