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Rules Index

Game Stages

A. Preseason - Get your roster/depth charts finalized and prepare for exhibition games. Preseason sims much faster than the regular season, every other day with an interim file released on the off days.

B. Regular Season - Sims twice weekly, trading to week 8.

C. Postseason - Same sim schedule as regular season. Watch for LIVE sims.

D. Presentations of Awards - Following the Super Bowl, award winners and Pro-bowl teams will be announced.

E. Stadium Plan/Relocation - See Rules on relocation.

F. Staff Hiring - See Rules on Staff/Coaches.

G. Ticket Prices/Franchise Tag/Summer League - Adjust ticket prices, apply franchise tag if desired, and choose one 2nd year player to attend Summer League.

H. Free Agency Period - Renegotiate with your own players in Week 1, make bids on free agents the rest of the time, and begin interviewing prospective draftees.

I. Amateur Draft - Pick from rookie pool or trade picks with other owners. See Rules on Draft.

J. Late Free Agency - Begin negotiations with rookie draft picks, and make bids on remaining veteran free agents and undrafted rookies.

K. Training Camp - Weight train your players for potential position changes. Then prepare your training camp plan.