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Set-Up Procedures for New GMs

Once you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with all of these rules and procedures, here is how you'll set up your game for NAFL league play.

  1. First, make sure you have the latest version of Front Office Football Eight. It is 8.0c and can be downloaded through the Steam Store.

  2. Open the game, hover over "Controls." Under "Participants," click "Enter a New Career." This will bring up the new game options window. Enter the league ID as NAFLNAFL. Note that NAFLNAFL must be in all-caps. Scroll down the team list to find the one you have been given, and select it. Select "Begin without Draft" and then "OK."

  3. Next, you'll be on the FTP Information screen. Contact the Commissioner for this information.

  4. Now, run the "Import Game Files" function. You will need the team password provided by the Commissioner. Finally, run the "Restore Career" function. This may take some time. You can also "Import Configuration" for NAFL team names.

  5. At any time during the season, you can obtain the current files by importing in-game or manually from the "League Files" tab above. Files should be placed into C:\Users\{yourname}\AppData\Local\Solecismic Software\Front Office Football Eight\leagues\NAFLNAFL.

  6. In addition, if the league is in the offseason, you may need to obtain the latest .FRC file. You can find it in the Post Super Bowl file.

  7. To load the game, use the "Open Multi-Player Game" icon on the top toolbar.
You're now ready to go. Once you have loaded the league, you can make nearly all team changes within the game (cuts, depth chart, gameplan, etc.), and they will all be sent in your export to the commissioner.

**Note - Make sure you do not exit the game while making these changes. The game will not save your changes so you need to do everything you want to do and hit "Export Stage File" on the "Controls" window. If you close the game, you'll lose all your changes. If you export before you're ready and close the game, you'll have to make all your changes again and export again.