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Free Agency

For competitive purposes, the following rule is in place in the NAFL: Any GM violating the rule will have the player immediately cut (thus penalizing with bonus payment) and will also lose a draft pick at the Commissioner's discretion.

The first 9 weeks of free agency, including the week 1 renegotiation stage, will be simmed roughly one week per real-time day. Weeks 10-12 will be simmed in together. The schedule can and will be adjusted if this is deemed by the league to be too fast or too slow in actual practice. All bids are to be made in game and stage files sent to the commissioner no later than one hour prior to the sim time, which will be the same as inseason times unless otherwise announced in advance.

The second Free Agency period will be simmed in one step immediately following the draft. Once again, all offers should be placed in game and stage files received one hour prior to sim.

Inseason free agents can be signed at any time during the preseason and regular season up until Super Bowl. No free agents can be signed after the Super Bowl. If you wish to sign a free agent during the season, make an offer to him before you export your stage file. The player will decide his team choice once it is processed.

Free agents may not be traded during the same season in which they were signed.